MISD Learning and Research Model The MISD Research Model is designed to reflect the changes the State of Texas made in the new ELAR TEKS in 2009. A new Research Strand was added and students are expected to know how to locate a range of relevant sources and evaluate, synthesize, and present ideas and information. The model developed by MISD uses the same language as the state so it will be easy for teachers to align the steps of the research model with the ELAR TEKS. The research model is an inquiry process that engages learners, promotes critical thinking, and encourages the use of varied and appropriate resources.
The research model is meant to be a cyclical process that begins with developing a research plan, gathering sources, synthesizing information, and then organizing and presenting the ideas. At each step in the research process, it is important for learners to reflect, revise, and evaluate as they move through the steps.
The model promotes a partnership between the Library Media Specialist and classroom teacher. One temptation to avoid is to teach the research process as a set of separate skills. Teaching students a research process isolated from the curriculum does not promote best practices regarding what we know about student learning. The teaching of the skills in isolation does not ensure that students are transferring those skills to content related research topics. Similarly, requiring students to perform research without teaching a research process sets the students up for frustration and produces unsuccessful results. Process and content are both necessary for a successful research experience. A better plan is to integrate the curriculum content with the research skills needed to accomplish an instructional task. The classroom teacher provides primary expertise in the content and process with their secondary expertise in resources and technology. The Library Media Specialist provides primary expertise in the areas of resources, technology, and process with a secondary expertise in content. By working collaboratively, teachers and Library Media Specialists follow the research process as a road map to student success.