Overview of the MISD Learning and Research Model
As we begin the research process, you will learn about five important steps in our learning and research model.
It begins with developing a plan.
This is where you ask yourself questions about your topic.
The next step is to gather information.
You will use a variety of resources to help you answer your questions.
The third step of the learning and research model is to synthesize.
When you synthesize, you check your answers to see if they make sense.
The fourth step is to organize. In this step you will show what you know about your learning and reserach.
The fifth and final step is to present your information.
How will you share what you have learned with others?
At each step of the research process, it is important for you to reflect, revise, and evaluate as you move through the research process.
The five steps of the MISD Learning and Research Model will be our road map to student success.