Kindergarten Lesson Ideas
Read Mr. Wiggle's Book
Use SmartBoard Lesson
Use sticks that have happy face on one side and sad face on the other side. Have them show which face Mr. Wiggle would have as you show the Mr. Wiggle cards that go with the book.
Mr. Wiggle is a series of books to teach children about proper library use, manners, and proper book handling.
mr wiggle.jpg
Dot Day (Sept. 15th)
Print out the Dot color sheet. Make sure the colAR app is downloaded to your devices. Read the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds. Have the students color their Dot page and then use the app to make their pages come alive.
The Dot by Peter Reynolds

the Dot.jpg
Nursery Rhymes
Go to Learning Zone by Encyclopedia Britannica
Click on First Steps and read
Twinkle, Twinkle; Mary Had a Little Lamb;Two Little Birds; The Farmer and the Dell
Then go to Time to Read and read Hickory Dickory Dock
Here is a movie to introduce students and teachers to Learning Zone from Encyclopedia Britannica
Here is a PDF handout that gives and overview.
Online Resources and Nursery Rhymes
Read Three Little Kittens
or you can introduce them to any of the other Paul Galdone books.
You can follow up the reading by having students participate in singing with the video.
There are some great YouTube videoes. You can download them and show it so it does not have any ads.
Three Little Kittens
Animated Video of Three Little Kittens
Other Nursery Rhymes
Jack and Jill
Jack Be NImble
Author Paul Galdone
Smart Board Lesson that reviews Nursery Rhymes

Read aloud book Things I Like by Anthony Browne
This book goes along with the book from the curriculum What Do You Like?
There is a big book of What Do You Like that comes with the Kinder curriculum.
You can create a class pattern book modeled after the book What Do You Like?
make Class book
Lesson: Finding Books Independently
Introduce students to picture clues for Clifford, Franklin Authur. Show students where these books are located in your library.
Show students how to tell the difference between a Spanish and English copy by showing the red and yellow label on the spine.
Teach students how to use the shelf marker.
Students go to shelf to select their own book.
Choosing your own library book
Read Clifford book on Smartboard
Read aloud book Alice the Fairy
Introduce other David Shannon books. Show the Caldecott medal on the NO David book.Discuss Caldecott award.
Show picture clues of how students can find these book independentlyexternal image insert_table.gif
Read current winner: A Ball for Daisy. (Only pictures.) Take pictures of pages with ipad and then upload to Explain Everything app. Have students take a different page and tell what is happening on that page based on the pics and record their story. When completed, email to teachers to save as books for class to read in ibooks.
Author Study: David Shannon
Author Video Interview
Read the book Five LIttle Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
by Eileen Christelow
Introduce other books in this series.
Have students sing along with YouTube video
You can download them and show it so it does not have any ads.
Flashcards and more at:
Author Website
YouTube Video
Read aloud book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
Use small punch that is in a leaf shape. Have the kids make a leaf man with the small leaves that form their own Leaf Man.

Seasons: Fall
Author Study Lois Ehlert
Read The Scarecrow's Hat book by Ken Brown
Gather a basket of the items to help retell story with props.

Youtube video of book:

Scarecrow songs
Season: Fall

Read Miss Spiders' ABC's
Use iPad drawing app to have students draw their ABC's
Seasonal: Halloween and Spiders
Author Study:David Kirk
Read: Five Little Bats Flying in the Night by Steve Metzger
Read the book aloud to the group. Then break the group up into small groups of 3-5 students and practice measuring skills with attached document.

Read aloud Mo Willems book
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
Author Study: Mo Willems Website
Introduce Spot books by Eric Hill Read Aloud Where's Spot or any other book front his series.
You can watch the video
Counting on Spot Part 1
and Part 2
Hear Author Eric Hill read aloud Where's Spot
Author Study Eric Hill
Interactive website where you can read a story or write a Spot book
iPad Apps
Read book Bear About Town by Stella Blackstone
In this book bear goes to different places in his town on different days of the week. Great book for talking about your community and using a map.
Another favorite book is Bear in a Square
Lesson Plan idea for this book
Shelia Rae's Peppermint Stick

Merry Christmas Splat by Rob Scotton
Author's Website
Splat App
Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
Watch the Youtube video at:

Pete Saves Cmas.jpg
Twas the Night Before Christmas by: Clement Clark Moore
Watch YouTube Video at
or Original Version

Make book using template from:
SmartBoard Lesson for
A Hat For Minerva Louise by

Introduce other Minerva Louise books

That's Not My Snowman
Sneezy the Snowman
Read the book and discuss hot and cold
Students can match shapes to hot and cold tchart or use this smartboard lesson.
Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.21.58 PM.png
Ten Black Dots

ten black dots.jpg
Harold and the Purple Crayon
Author's Website
Begin by showing the first half of the nouns and verbs video in Brainpop JR. You could also read the book Nouns and Verbs have a Field Day by Robin Pulver. Next, laminate the cards below and cut apart between the noun and the verb. Pass them out to students and have them match up to complete the sentence and tell who is the noun and who is the verb and tell what the noun or verb is in the sentence.

Identify nouns and verbs in a sentence.
nouns and verbs field day.jpg
President's Day
Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 12.03.31 PM.png

Simple Texas Cheer that lets the students whoop and holler a bit while learning about Texas to go along with their classroom social studies curriculum. I present this like..."Give me a T....Give me an E etc.."
Magnet Exploration Game

Great for Quarter 2 Science
Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.43.02 AM.png
Rhyming Words- Directions can be find by clicking on the link.

Rhyming Text and Using Descriptive Words